Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Persolaise Does Broadway

How did Day 1 of Christmas 2011 go for you? Did Santa bring you lots of fragrant goodies? Our get-together was a great success, even if its conclusion did come straight out of left field. One member of the family decided to type the words 'Disney Karaoke' into YouTube's search box and then... well, I'm sure you don't need me to tell you what happened next. Two hours later, we were still making the walls shake to the sound of our increasingly hoarse voices. The only moment of (relative) silence came when everyone was struck dumb with astonishment and turned to gawp at yours truly as I launched into a word-perfect rendition of Prince Ali.

Don't forget that today is only Day 4 of the yuletide season and that we're supposed to keep the celebrations going until Twelfth Night. So as you reach for another mince pie, please make a mental note to come back here on the 30th for my list of the best fragrances of the year.


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