Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Ormonde Jayne Winner + Back To Grasse

After a weekend spent decorating the house (under the watchful eye of Madame Persolaise, who has had to stay in bed for the last few days thanks to a nasty viral infection) I can confidently announce that we are ready for Yuletide 2011. The gentleman you see in the photo above has taken up residence in his usual spot beneath some fairy lights. He's been part of our decorations for several years now, and although all of us find his face quite frightening, we can't bear not to bring him out year after year.

Many thanks to all of you who entered the draw for the Ormonde Jayne Discovery Set, and thanks again to OJ for donating the prize. The winner, as selected by Random.org is


Congratulations! Please send your postal address to persolaise at gmail dot com and I'll get your prize off to you asap.

I hope to return on Friday with what may well turn out to be the final reviews of 2011. Until then, please click here to be redirected to my Basenotes articles on the International Perfumery Museum and the Molinard factory in Grasse (although they're two separate articles, they've been published as one).

Ciao for now,



  1. Ooh, that Santa is pretty creepy, but I sort of understand why you like him. I've got a few faux crows that I perch all over our Christmas tree that are quite shabby and weird, but we like to stick with our bird theme. :)

  2. Carrie, he's even scarier in real life, because he's basically just a shrunken head. But yes, there is something weirdly compelling about him.

    As for crows... how very Poe!

  3. Wow, Persolaise, thanks so much for hosting this lovely drawing. I have been thinking about the Ormonde Jayne discovery set for a couple of years now. My details are on there way to you. I can hardly wait !!!!

  4. Rosiegreen, I've received your email.


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