Thursday, 3 November 2011

Ziggy Modust + Chanel Reminder

Day 3: Not much mo

Well, well, well, who would've thought that a few days' worth of shaving abstinence would get such a fantastic response? It's only Day 3 of Movember, yet I've already raised more than £150, thanks to the generosity (and promptness!) of several kind people. You will see from the picture above that I have also decided to destroy all my credibility by donning what can only be described as an extremely frightening mask in order to display my follicular progress... which isn't terribly impressive at the moment. Perhaps I need to make an appointment for an upper lip massage, to get the old blood circulation going. And just in case you were thinking that today's photographic display is a one-off: fear not! I have purchased a large set of similar disguises with which to alarm entertain you for the next 27 days. No, no, there's no need to thank me.

Seriously though, thanks very much to all the people who've made donations, and to those who've promised to support my campaign before the month is over. The encouragement from everybody has been gratifying, not least from my little niece who said she'll do her best to save 10p a day for me. I am so moved, that I shall wear my mo with tremendous pride... when it emerges, that is.

If you've got a few pennies to spare, please consider visiting my Mo Space and making a donation. Any amount will be gratefully received, no matter how small you may think it is. Men are 40% more likely to die of cancer than women, so it's important that research into all forms of the disease is given as much funding as we can possibly raise.

Having said all that, I mustn't lose sight of the fact that this blog's main reason for existence is perfume. Please don't forget that you have until 10 pm tonight (UK time) to enter the draw for a sample of Chanel's Jersey and please come back tomorrow for a review of two new Tom Fords.

And finally, here's a question for you: which perfume would Ziggy wear?



  1. Spooky how natural that mask looks...
    You are obviously going to have to start wearing make-up in your day job!

  2. Oh gosh... Ziggy might wear a weird futuristic metallic perfume.

  3. Anon, maybe I've just got a spooky face ;-)

  4. Susan, weird, futuristic, metallic? Maybe something by CdG, then?

  5. You've got amazing bone structure, my friend. I think Ziggy Stardust would wear and feel quite at home in Mugler Alien. :)

    Going over to your Mo Space site to make a little contribution now.

  6. Carrie, my bone structure thanks you very much ;-)

    And yes, Alien has got to be the obvious choice, hasn't it.

    Thank you so much for your donation. It's very, very kind of you.

  7. Stephen Jones by Comme des Gracons. a metallic violet.


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