Sunday, 6 November 2011

Shermo Holmes

Day 5: No pipe; a bit more mo
I'm beginning to think the Middle Eastern half of my genes hasn't got an altruistic nature. As I type these words, it's Day 5 of Movember and I honestly believed that, by now, I'd have a more impressive growth with which to impress you, but my upper lip seems to be quite sluggish. Do they do Baby Bio for human skin...?

Still, this isn't about testosterone-fuelled competitiveness, right? It's about cancer. In fact, it's about the cancer which kills more men in the UK than any other, apart from lung cancer. So if you've got any spare pennies at the bottom of your pocket, please take the time to visit my Mo Space and make a donation.

A massive thank you to everyone who's donated so far. Last time I checked, my total had shot up to £260, which is incredibly gratifying.

I should be back on Tuesday with another photographic update for you, and perhaps some thoughts on the funny side of this hairy endeavour. Until then, the inevitable question: what perfume would Mr Holmes wear? As it happens, the subject came up on Grain De Musc the other day, and we all agreed that he'd go for something smoky and individualistic. I didn't make this suggestion at the time, but I think Fumidus would be an apt choice. What say you?



  1. As I'm watching Rupert Everett's brilliant Holmes I shall have to look that fragrance up now. I so hope he plays him again .

  2. Angie, I haven't seen Everett's Holmes. My favourite was always Jeremy Brett. And Fumidus is well worth looking up.


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