Thursday, 24 November 2011

Carmo Miranda

Day 23: Mo samba
I must start today's post with an apology. You'll see from the photo above that I didn't go for a pencil thin mo after all. So if you were hoping to see my John Waters impression this morning, I'm very sorry to disappoint you. The fact is that the man to whom I have entrusted my hair for over a decade (Andrew Tosh of Hair @ Andrew Tosh) decided that due to the - ahem - faintness of the colour of my not-so-hairy effort, reducing it to a thin line would effectively cause it to disappear. So in the end, we decided it would be best to stick to a simple trim.

My next masked update should appear on Monday, so until then, please consider digging deep into your pockets and making a donation to raise money for research into prostate cancer. To give you some idea of the brilliant work made possible by Movember's fund-raising efforts, here's something I copied from the organisation's website:

Movember is creating a global, online community for prostate cancer researchers, clinicians and organisations called Promoveo. Similar to LinkedIn, but tailored specifically for the prostate cancer research community, Promoveo members can share ideas, find out what key research resources are available in other countries, post information to foster discussion, and connect with other researchers from across the globe to drive outcomes.

Stemming from Latin, Promoveo means to move forward, accomplish, advance, bring to light. Our aim is to create a forum for free information exchange about prostate cancer research that will accelerate outcomes. Imagine what possible opportunities may arise when a prostate cancer researcher in the Netherlands, for example, is able to connect with other researchers involved in the same field in Australia, Canada, the UK, US, and Brazil to share knowledge and resources.

It's a very good cause indeed, folks, so please make a donation if you can.

And please come back to tomorrow for my reviews of the first scent from Bottega Veneta as well as Oscar De La Renta's Esprit d'Oscar and Frapin's 1697.



  1. I hope you are not playing with your maracas ?

  2. Angie, that's classified information.


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