Sunday, 23 October 2011

Will M7 Live To Be Hairy Again + Thanks For The Social Stuff

Just a brief post from me today to say thanks to everybody who responded to my recent call for views on the subject of social media. In addition to the comments readers left here on the blog, I also received several emails and a few Facebook messages. All were greatly appreciated.

The presentation for which I needed the info will take place this Tuesday afternoon, so perhaps, after a week or so, I'll be able to give you some feedback on what the perfume industry thinks of the likes of Facebook and Twitter.

Some of you may have spotted that now features a menu bar running across the top of the screen, with links to lists of my reviews, shopping-related posts and articles published on other sites. Do let me know if you find it useful.

I don't normally provide a 'breaking news' service on this site, but I must say I'm surprised that very few blogs seem to have picked up on's article about the return of certain 'low profile' and/or discontinued YSL classics, including M7, Nu, Y and Yvresse. Apparently they're going to form a special collection, not unlike Givenchy's treatment of L'Interdit, Ysatis, Xeryus et al. Are we excited by this news?

And finally, UK-based readers may be interested to learn that Ian Denyer's three-part Perfume documentary is going to be repeated on BBC FOUR from tomorrow evening.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend,



  1. M7! Yes, I'm excited by that. Although it can still be found around here on discounter sites, it's nice to know that if I fall deeply in love with it (which is likely), I shouldn't worry much about ever having to go without.

  2. Carrie, yes, as far as I could tell, M7 had never really been discontinued; it was quite easily available in France this summer. But it was definitely reformulated some time ago - it became (surprise, surprise) thinner and simpler - so it'll be interesting to see what this 'new' version is going to be like.

  3. Checking your blog after the fantastic presentation from yesterday! I really enjoyed the information you shared with us nad your presentation style! I will def be checking your blog regularly now.

    Thank you and well done! x

  4. Anon, thanks very much indeed. I'm glad you enjoyed the talk. Hopefully, you'll also enjoy reading my blog.


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