Sunday, 30 October 2011

Is It Time For Some Mo Love?

I've spent the last few days thinking a great deal about facial hair. Those of you who are aware of the annual Movember campaign will know why. Set up in Australia in 2003 to raise money for research into prostate cancer, it has become one of the world's most high-profile charity movements, attracting not just corporate support, but also the involvement of more than 1 million men and women across the globe. I'm seriously considering taking part this year, which would entail... drum roll please... growing a moustache.

Now, I've always thought my bearded days were well and truly behind me: my 'standard' look at Uni was a grade 2 haircut and a goatee. So I've been there and done that, and I am now quite happy to draw the hairy line at a five o'clock shadow. But on the other hand, I'm tempted by the idea of having a bit of fun for a good cause, even if it might mean making myself look like a detective from a cheesy 80s TV show.

And then there's the issue of photographs. If I do decide to take part, then naturally I'd ask all of you to support me (or should that be sponsor me?), which would mean I'd feel obliged to provide you with visual evidence of my tash-tastic endeavours. After all, you'd want to see what you'd paid for, right? But I'm always wary of publishing pictures myself on the Net (I like my privacy; call me old-fashioned), so I'd have to find some way of maintaining my anonymity whilst satisfying your understandable desire to see the mo grow. Perhaps a Zorro mask might do the trick, eh?

So, tell me what you think: should I do it or shouldn't I? I await your answers with bated breath...

Enjoy the rest of your weekend,



  1. You should definitely do it. I do worry about what kind of followers you may accrue from pics of you wearing a a Mo AND a mask though! :-)


    Definitely need to follow hirsute progress.
    You could invest in a pack of these?!

  3. I hope you do it. :)
    And it's going to be fun and mysterious at the same time if you wear a mask.

  4. Oh, I hope you'll do it as well...and the Zorro mask would just make the progress photos much more fun!

    Even better...wear a different mask for each photo. I could see quite the fan club growing, too, with folks wanting to see what you're wearing each time. I'm with The Grooming Guru, may get some very interesting fans! ;)

    ~Michelle for Primal Mist perfumes

  5. Grooming Guru, thanks for stopping by and for the encouragement.

    I take your point about mask followers. I may have to rethink this one...

  6. Anon, I've always wanted an excuse to buy loads of masks! :-D

  7. Ines, I think I'm going to have to do it, aren't I? Would you sponsor me if I do? ;-)

  8. Michelle, thanks for writing.

    Perhaps I could gradually unveil my face by wearing progressively smaller masks? If I do, you'll be so disappointed by the final reveal! I ain't Brad Pitt, that's for sure.

  9. Go for it~~ you could even say some well-deserved words to the E.U./IFRA while disguised!! :-)

  10. If your wife doesn't mind (the moustache, I mean) - do it!

    As a disguise you could also use big shades with mirrired lens (I'm all for the online privacy!)

  11. Surely a tash is a must for all International Men of Mystery?

    I say do it!

  12. Linda, I like the way your mind works :-)

  13. Undina, I thought Madame Persolaise would be the biggest obstacle, but as soon as I mentioned it to her, she just shrugged and said, "For charity? Sure, do it."

    ... which meant I didn't have any excuses left not to do it!

  14. Candyperfumeboy, that is the best argument yet! I think you've persuaded me :-)


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