Tuesday, 23 August 2011

What's My Credit Card Limit Again...?

It's always at this point in our epic summer holidays that Madame Persolaise and I wish we could slow down time. There's still so much to do, so much to see, so many moments to savour, so many memories to make... and so many things to blog about, not least our recent day trip to Venice.

If you'll permit me to slip into writing in bullet points:
  • Persolaise wanders along labyrinthine streets around Grand Canal;
  • Persolaise sees ancient perfumeries that look like no-one's stepped across their treshhold since Madonna frolicked on gondolas for her Like A Virgin video;
  • Persolaise sees enticingly old-looking packaging on shelves of aforementioned perfumeries;
  • Persolaise asks if he can have closer look at packaging of one of these old bottles, say, Givenchy's Insense, for example;
  • Persolaise sees that the list of ingredients specifies only water, alcohol and 'perfume';
  • Persolaise realises he is holding something rather special;
  • Madame Persolaise tries to stop Persolaise's hand from reaching for his credit card;
  • Madame Persolaise hasn't got a chance in hell of succeeding.
  • Persolaise and his new/old bottle of Insense live happily ever after.
I  promise normal prose service will be resumed soon. But until then, I'm off to do more vintage hunting...

I hope all's well with you,



  1. Never really wanted to go to Venice... until now!!! Did you find any other forgotten/coveted gems of yore? I am so jealous.. cheers, Wendy

  2. More , more ....oh please more.

  3. Wendy, Venice is one of my favourite places in the world. And yes, I did find one or two other little gems. I'll try to write about them soon.

  4. Gosh, I've never found vintage gems in my beloved Venice, just a line of beauty products still made on Guidecca...will have to look harder next time (we are going for New Year).

    What a wonderful holiday you're having, in all my favourite places in the world. We're off to France today for 2 weeks. Enjoy the rest of your vacances!

  5. Totally hilarious! What good fortune!

  6. That sounds like the best way to spend your time in Venice. I'm enamoured and beguiled by that city and would love to explore the upper levels and attics of all those historic buildings...

  7. Congrats!!!!!!!! :-) Finding lost treasure is soooooooo heart-warming because you saved an orphaned piece of history and made it part of your scented `family`!!!

  8. Fiordiligi, New Year in Venice sounds like a dream. Is it quite quiet there during the colder months?

  9. Adrienne, yes, I was very lucky... or maybe just very persistent.

  10. Liam, I know, the place must be an architect's dream come true.

  11. Linda, that's what I'll say the next time someone accuses me of spending too much money on perfume: I'll say it's humanitarian work.


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