Sunday, 29 May 2011

Lily Of The Valley Winner + IFRA Interview + Silly Searches

I hope your weekend's treating you well so far. As I type these words, the trees outside my window are being manhandled by the wind and the clouds are threatening a showstopper of a downpour. It reminds me of our summer in Mumbai, but there, the trees were full of bats. Sparrows and pigeons can't compete with that. The BBC's weather-man is telling us that we mustn't really expect any sunshine for this Bank Holiday weekend, because we were spoilt by the last two... which is just about as perfect a summation of the English attitude to life as you'll ever find.

I've taken a short break from the Invasion Of The Day Job to let you know that the winner of last week's draw for a sample of Angela Flanders' Lily Of The Valley is

Polly Pierce

Congratulations! If you'd like to send your postal address to persolaise at gmail dot com, I'll get your prize off to you straight away.

Changing the subject, please visit Basenotes for the second part of my interview with the Director of IFRA UK. If you have strong views on the subject of reformulation and regulation in the perfume industry, do consider leaving a comment or posting a question on the article, as IFRA have offered to respond to some readers' queries.

And finally... every now and then, I like to check my Blogger stats to see what search terms bring people to More often than not, I end up chortling at some of the words that supposedly direct browsers to my humble scribblings. I find many of them impossible to believe, not least because they invariably fail to bring up this blog in search listings when I type them into Google myself! Nevertheless, I thought I might start sharing some of them with you on a semi-regular basis, as they really are worth a chuckle. So here we go.

Apparently, over the last 7 days, some people have been brought to my site by searching for

"the aroma of a synthetic"
"stephane humbert lucas"

That's fair enough. But we start getting into more interesting areas with

"caramel perfumers apprentice thick"

and as for the next two... well, clearly the scope of my writing is far wider than I'd imagined:

"health care bill"
"custom dog tags"

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.



  1. I have always trusted you for all of my custom dog tag needs.

  2. How wonderful, thanks a million! I can't wait to sample this one as I love the lily of the valley in life and in scent...

  3. Congratulations, Polly. Hopefully, the sample will be with you soon.


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