Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Perfumery Pause + Orange Star Draw Winner

Pardon me for going on and on about the Day Job, but this is the time of year when it starts demanding a disproportionate amount of my attention. As I've said before, in May, June and July, it goes into a higher gear and takes over almost all of my free evening time. This is, in itself, taxing enough. But of course one of the consequences of going into virtual hibernation is that in the run-up to May, I have to think ahead and pre-emptively take care of various bits and bobs of business, in order to ensure that I'll actually be in a position to be able to wave goodbye to the world for 12 weeks.

All this is a long-winded way of saying that perfume-making is going to have to start taking a back seat. This needn't necessarily be a cause for concern. I've got a few concoctions maturing at the moment and they'll certainly benefit from being left alone for a while. And I think I'll also use the lull as an opportunity to re-familiarise myself with my raw materials, to smell them all again and re-evaluate them in the light of several months' worth of perfumery experience. 'Going back to basics' is a phrase that comes to mind.

But anyway, that's in the future. Today, I'm sure you're all eager to know who has won the bottle of Tauer Perfumes' FiFi UK shortlisted Orange Star. Well, I'm very pleased to be able to say that the person selected by Random.org is

Grace London

Congratulations, Grace. Please contact me at persolaise at gmail dot com with your postal address, so that I can pass it on to Scent & Sensibility.

Commiserations to everyone else, but thanks again for all your comments. I enjoyed reading every single one. And fear not: it won't be long before I hold another give-away.

[Please don't forget that you've got until Wednesday evening (UK time) to cast your votes in this year's Basenotes and FiFi UK awards.]



  1. Great way to start off a Tuesdy in my mind!

    Sorry to hear about the perfume back seat and work front seat scenario. Sometimes you can think better outside of the box. Who knows, a few months off might just push you in the right direction ;)

  2. This really cheered up my Tuesday morning, thank you so much.

    I think sometimes taking a step back from a creative process is helpful, and sometimes you have to do what you need to do for work - I know that feeling at the moment!

  3. Liam, you're quite right. And I'll still be smelling lots of things, even if I won't be pouring them into bottles.

  4. Grace, congratulations again. And yes, there are times when we don't actually have much of a choice about what we do: some stuff just has to get done!


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