Sunday, 10 April 2011

Did I Complain About Not Having Enough Time?

You know what they say about waiting for buses? Well, I think the adage could probably be applied to my appointments diary for the week beginning 11th April. After a recent dearth of perfume events, I'm about to go into headless chicken mode. Not that I'm complaining for one moment! After all, it isn't every day that one gets to meet Francis Kurkdjian, the man who gave us Fleur Du Male and the ever-so-naughty Absolue Pour Le Soir.

After my evening with him, I've got the IFRA interview, which you all know about already. (It's not too late to send me some more ideas for questions, by the way.) Then I'll be spending some time in the company of the inventive marketing people from Penhaligon's, who are going to unveil details of their releases for the rest of the year. And then - as if all this weren't enough - I shall be donning cummerbund and bow tie to attend... the FiFi UK awards. What's more, I'll be tweeting from the ceremony, so if you're interested in finding out who picks up the trophy in the Best Niche category, then you'll need look no further than my Twitter page.

I'm sure that's far too much excitement for one week... but I know I'll enjoy every moment.

Please don't forget that you've got until tomorrow night (UK time) to enter the draw for a sample of MDCI's La Belle Hélène. And I'm very pleased to be able to let you know that on Tuesday I'll be posting my review of Tauer Perfumes' brand new Zeta as well as offering a sample of the perfume in a draw.

I'll leave you with a (slightly) silly Sunday question: what would be a good perfume for me to wear to the IFRA interview? Naturally, it'll have to be a vintage juice, and I guess the obvious choice would be Mitsouko... but perhaps one of you could come up with something more subversive...

Have a great Sunday,



  1. Get your mits on a vintage Fougère Royale and you'll pick up an award for Best Scented Attendee ;)

  2. Oh, what a great week is in store for you! Have fun! :) I am jealous you will meet with Mr. Kurkdjian (I adore Absolue pour le Soir).

    Unfortunately, can't help with suggestion for vintage perfumes, my knowledge is sadly limited on that account.

  3. What a packed agenda! We await despatches from the front in due course.

    Like Ines, I am ignorant about vintage perfumes, and to opt for Old Spice is possibly pushing the subversive envelope a little too far... : - )

  4. No suggestions from my side as well for the same reasons as stated above by Ines and Vanessa but I want to wish you to have great time and preserve some sanity during that events packed week.

  5. Liam, THAT would be a superb vintage juice to wear!

  6. Ines, I'll be sure to tell FK that APLS has a lot of fans... although I expect he probably knows that already.

  7. Vanessa, Old Spice is a brilliant choice! But I'll never be able to find a vintage bottle anywhere.

  8. Undina, thanks very much indeed. And as for sanity... I lost most of mine years ago...

  9. I think vintage Mitsy is a great choice for IFRA - the parfum if possible. Or vintage Shocking.

    I was just wondering, myself, what to wear to meet Francois. I don't actually own any of his, more's the pity.

  10. Wow, you will have redefined the term "busy bee" indeed. I'm VERY anxious to hear all about your meeting with Penhaligon's as I know a little tidbit about it, just enough to make me quite rabid for more information.

    As for what you should wear to the meeting with IFRA, how about something from the Outlaw Perfume Project, like Lord's Jester Daphne?

  11. Tania, I'm sorry to say that I haven't got any vintage extrait.

    And as for the FK evening... is Eau Noire something you could imagine yourself wearing?

  12. Carrie, I haven't got anything from Outlaw Perfume, unfortunately.

    Re: Penhaligon's, I will, of course, share as much as I'm permitted to.

  13. Persolaise,

    I have a bottle of Mitsouko extrait from the early nineties. That's as vintage as I get :-) I really ought to wear it more, it won't keep for ever....

    Eau Noire - yes, that's one of Francis', isn't it? I've never tried it on skin, but it sounds like it might be my kind of thing. Depends how the immortelle behaves on me.
    I just realised, I need to email them & ask where in Covent Garden - I have no idea! ;-)

  14. Tania, it was good to see you tonight, even though we didn't really have a chance to talk.


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