Monday, 21 March 2011

Winter's Over

Lift your head high and take a deep breath, everybody: the first day of spring has arrived. Winter 2010/11 is officially history!

It's also Iranian New Year, and according to Persian tradition, we should all wear a new item of clothing today, even if it's just a pair of socks. I shall be sporting a crisp lilac shirt which I will liberally spray with Jaipur Homme.

Wherever you are, have a wonderful day... and if you decide to treat yourself to a purchase for your wardrobe, come back and tell us all what you bought.



  1. Hey!! Thank you for the hyacinths on Persian New Year! All the barford pear, tulip, forsythias, and oriental fruit trees are blooming here - the dogwood and azailias are almost out too!! Perfume treat arrived on the 3rd, but it leaked! - so back to NYC w/ FedEx on the 4th. IT IT STILL THERE! The kind gal who`s the counter manager & helps yt had knee surgery - ouch! - so that healing is the important thing :-) My AG Mimosa will be sent here after she recoups. Post a photo of thyself in that lavender shirt!!

  2. Hotlanta Linda, thanks for the exuberant words. I hope your Mimosa gets to you soon ;-)


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