Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Disqus Killed The Discussion

Okay, I've decided... and this time, I'm sticking to my decision:

I've disabled Disqus.

It was proving to be more trouble than it was worth, chewing up people's comments, failing to notify me when someone had written something and sending everybody else's comments to people who hadn't even selected the 'Subscribe To Comments' option. Like I said before, Blogger's system may be basic, but at least it works.

The awful thing is that I appear to have lost every single comment everyone left since the 14th of February. If you were kind enough to take the time to write something, then I'm sorry to say that your pearls of wisdom have vanished. I do hope this doesn't discourage you from writing something in future; I always appreciate everyone's thoughts and insights.

Disqus be damned!



  1. Yeek, it's a wild virtual world out there....

  2. EEK! Not to worry, these things happen and it's not the worst thing to happen in the web ;)

    Look, I'm even commenting again!

  3. Marla, it's definitely too wild for me ;-)

  4. Liam J, I'm very pleased to see you commenting.

    I just wish there was a way of getting all the lost comments back.

  5. Glad you have thrown the Disqus!

    : - )

    It was always going to be flawed with a "u" missing! (Taking Equus as the benchmark for double "u" uusage...)

  6. Vanessa, I don't miss Disqus either. But I do wish Blogger would bring its comments system into the 21st century.

  7. Persolaise, I am not a big fan of disqus either!


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