Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Tech-Minded Winners

Who feels like winning a sample of perfume?

Thanks again to everyone who entered last week's SoOud draw. I have sought the guidance of Random.org and I can now reveal that the winner is

aka Warum

Congratulations! Please send your postal details to persolaise at gmail dot com and don't forget to let me know which one of the SoOud range you'd like to try. If you didn't get lucky today, don't worry: I'll hold another draw before too long.

And now, if you don't mind, I'd like to focus for a moment on a more technical subject. Some of you may have noticed that over the weekend, I briefly installed a new comment facility called Disqus. It turned out to be rather unstable, so I've now removed it, but the experience of trying it has led me to wonder what the feeling is out there as regards the interactive aspects of this blog.

My personal view is that although the current comment system functions as it should, it is extremely basic. I can do without unnecessary bells and whistles (such as links to Twitter feeds and Facebook profiles) but I'd really like to be able to introduce what are known as 'threaded comments'. In other words - and pardon me if I'm teaching granny to suck eggs - I'd like my replies to your thoughts to appear directly beneath each comment you leave, as opposed to the current system wherein you have to scroll all the way down to read my replies. (For an illustration of what I mean, check out these posts from Now Smell This and Nathan Branch).

The other problem is that I need to have some means of contacting people who take the time to write in. Over the last few months, there have been several occasions when I've had to wait a very long time for winners of sample give-aways to get in touch with me and claim their prizes, which has caused me a fair amount of inconvenience. The current does not demand that all 'commenters' should leave an email address, which means I've got no way of getting in touch with them. Disqus would have provided a neat solution to this little issue, had it worked properly...

So my question to you is this: are you happy with the current comment system or would you prefer something 'cleverer'?



  1. Hi Persolaise, I've shared my thoughts with you about Disqus, however I do think the current method is a little dated. Keep looking for something more threaded indeed.

  2. Well, I congratulations to the winner!

    And about the new system. Well, I guess I understand what you mean. I use the system similar to what you describe for my Russian blog at LiveJournal - look at http://aromax.livejournal.com (well it is very popular among Russian speaking bloggers, but there are blogs on other languages too). The benefits are: all the entries of people you like to follow (friends) are coming on your friend's page (think facebook), you can comment in threads and comments to your own entry and to your own comments (and not all the comments) are sent to your e-mail. So, you might be interested.

  3. Congratulations to the winner! I hope soon I will try this scent, I feel it is really enticing!

  4. I think I'm a reincarnated Luddite, in that I like the simplicity of the current comments set-up. If a comment and its reply are separated by other comments, I don't especially mind.

    Nevertheless, I hope you find a comments system that pleases you more, Persolaise!

    cheerio, Anna in Edinburgh

  5. I am excited to win and will email you shortly!

    Thanks for congratulations, everyone!

    As for the comments, I do like the current version, but I feel that it is a little inconvenient if you have no way of contacting people.

  6. Liam J, thanks for your comments. I'll keep searching for something a little bit more sophisticated.

  7. Vintage Lady, I expect the range will reach Spain soon.

  8. AromaX, thanks, I'm definitely interested. I'll check out your link as soon as I can.

  9. aka Warum, I've received your email.

    The search for a better comments system continues...

  10. Anna, you're right, there's a lot to be said for plain simplicity... but I think I'd like something cleverer.


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