Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Bertrand Eases The Crossing

An empty crib at Maison Persolaise
There's no point trying to deny the fact: normal life is just around the corner. It's time to resume routines and slip back into familiar patterns. In other words: The Day Job beckons. Madame Persolaise and I have packed away all the decorations and will have to spend the next few days getting re-accustomed to a house without sparkling fairy lights.

Still, I mustn't complain. As always, the Christmas break provided a welcome opportunity to relax a little bit, take stock of the last year and think about the future, particularly in relation to this blog and my overall perfume-oriented plans.

In order to make the transition to post-holiday existence a little easier, I've decided to wear a new perfume today in preparation for a review. My choice is Bertrand Duchaufour's much-lauded Traversée Du Bosphore for L'Artisan Parfumeur. Perhaps its sweetness will cheer me up over the course of what will no doubt be a pretty tiring day.



  1. Have to clear the decks of the decs tomorrow. Sigh. Even though Advent started so early (end November), the Christmas period seems to have rushed past me somehow.

    Since something opulent and energising will be required to get this job done, I asked OH on a whim what smells he likes best. Once we excluded chicken and bacon, he said he prefers fruits to flowers - who knew that? (I'm clearly a terrible spouse: I opt for flowers and herbs and resins and *anything* over obvious fruit in perfume. He doesn't even eat fruit!) Good grief.

    So not only have I got to de-dec our home, and stop the cat eating tinsel, I also have to get to know Alien Burt who is clearly pretending to be my OH.

    Might cheer you up after a potentially rough-ish day!

    cheerio, Anna in Edinburgh

  2. Anna, thanks, that DID cheer me up.

    You know what they say about Mars and Venus... perhaps your OH really is from another planet...

  3. I am so eager to sniff Traversée Du Bosphore that I am tempted to order a bottle untested. This, of course, means that I would break my resolution already. I need to be strong! I anxiously await your review.

  4. Cheryl, don't take this is a reflection of my views on TdB, but I'd advise most people to avoid buying a bottle of ANYTHING untested.

    I'll try to publish my review asap!


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