Wednesday, 8 December 2010

When 24 Just Isn't Enough

Regular readers of this blog will know that, every now and then, I'm drawn to the subject of time... or, more specifically, the lack of time. I've been thinking a lot lately about priorities, which has raised questions about the number of hours I spend writing this blog as opposed to fiddling around with my bottles of lotions and potions. Don't panic: I'm not pulling the plug on This blog is an absolutely indispensable part of my personal perfume world. Although it isn't even a year old yet, it's enabled me to come into contact (both real and 'virtual') with all sorts of interesting and generous people from across the globe. Crucially, it's also helped me clarify and sharpen my own views about this endlessly fascinating subject we all love. I think it was E M Forster who once said that it's impossible for us to know our thoughts on a topic until we begin to verbalise them. That's precisely the reason why I keep writing reviews: the discipline of trying to articulate and express my analyses in a succinct, accessible form has done wonders for my abilities to conceive and create my own fragrances.

Having said that, I think the balance is going to have to change ever so slightly in 2011. My main ambition for the coming year is to make a perfume that I can confidently send out into the big bad world. This will almost certainly mean fewer posts.

I expect I'll return to this subject again soon, but for now I ought to remind you about the draw for a sample of Fougère Royale and I should also direct you to my Basenotes article about the fragrance's recent launch in London. Before I put up the sign that says 'Closed For Christmas', I do hope to post at least two more reviews, but if I don't manage it, I'm sure you won't hold it against me. I'd also like to publish a few lines about an event I'm attending at the V & A on Friday at which Roja Dove is going to talk about the creation of his new Diaghilev perfume.

See what I mean about time: there's never enough, is there?



  1. I actually was meaning to ask you if you were planning on creating a perfume for public consumption, I'm glad to know that you are! I will be first in line to try it (seems I'm the first to post in your threads lately, so I will reserve my spot). I also hope to hear a report on your escapades and general gallivanting via lectures, vacations, etc. this holiday season.

  2. I was just saying yesterday that writing about perfume makes my thoughts on the subject more coherent and lasting (I don't forget things I write down). :)
    As long as you don't stop writing, it doesn't matter whether you write a bit less than usual.

  3. Carrie, thanks very much indeed for all the encouragement, I appreciate it. I'll do my best to keep writing about everything.

  4. Ines, thanks very much indeed. And yes, the act of putting words down on paper or typing them on a screen is very powerful. Human nature is funny, isn't it? We don't think until we FORCE ourselves to think.

  5. I think you hit the nail on the head when you said you find articulating on the topic of perfume and fragrance has done wonders when creating. I find the same can be said for even writing anything on the topic. I keep a smell diary, and for the last few weeks, have just noted the scent that grabs my attention. Now I've begun to explain what that smell is like, what it reminds me of. That way, I can begin to improve my vocabulary. I wise women told me one key to succeed in the industry was none other than language alone :)

  6. Liam J, your smell diary sounds like a brilliant idea. And yes, language is absolutely vital.


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