Monday, December 20, 2010

Off To Look For Number 68

You won't hear much from me for a few days, because the snow has cleared - thank goodness! - and I'm off to persuade the SAs at Guerlain, Montale and Lutens to part with some samples. Be good while I'm away, and I promise to tell you all about my adventures when Madame Persolaise and I return.



  1. Happy holiday and I shall curb my envy and look forward to you writing about your trip.

  2. i am sure all will be patient and, by the way, hope your trip will be fine...

  3. I am glad to know the weather is clearer now. Bon séjour et amuse -toi bien! Cheers!

  4. The weather has been very intense! I'm glad you both are at liberty now, have a fantastic time!

  5. Angela, R P Dario, Vintage Lady, Marla and StyleSpy: thanks very much indeed for your comments. We're back now and I'm pleased to say the trip was a total success.


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