Sunday, 12 December 2010

Fougère Royale Give-Away Reminder

Yesterday, Madame Persolaise and I decorated the entire house (with the help of a few hapless elves), so we're now officially in Christmas mode and ready to tuck into mince pies and brandy cream. There are still one or two presents left to buy - and several menus to plan - so today I'll leave you with just a few bits and pieces of news.

First of all, please don't forget that you've only got until 10 pm tonight (UK time) to enter the draw for a sample of the new Fougère Royale.

Secondly, I'm very excited to be able to inform you that one of the most prestigious perfume houses in the world recently provided me with a sample of their latest release specifically so that I can use it as the prize for another draw here on I suspect I won't actually hold the give-away until early January, but I just thought I'd tease you with an enigmatic preview.

And finally, I hope that at some point next week I'll be able to post a few words about a thoroughly enjoyable talk I attended on Friday night at which Roja Dove charted the influence of the Ballet Russes on the perfume industry. Although all his anecdotes and observations were deeply fascinating, the real highlight of the evening was when he gave the audience an opportunity to smell two long-discontinued classics. More details soon...



  1. This year we are late for home decorations. It's going to happen next week. About Roja Dove, I was visiting the page about the Russian Ballets and the new fragrance, it goes back in time. Simply beautiful. I just have to try it soon. As I love russian ballets the bottle presentation is really enchanting.

    Happy soon to be Holidays!

  2. Hi Vintage Lady. I shouldn't worry about your Christmas decorations. Strictly speaking, we're not meant to have them up till the 24th, are we?

    The Diaghilev fragrance is definitely worth trying, especially if you like old-world chypres.

  3. Hi Persolaise, I'm glad to learn you are half iranian, I didn't know about It. I feel half iranian too because my housdand comes from Iran and every year we go there with our children for Nouruz. Have you ever smelled the rose essence of Ghamsar (not the 'atr', I mean the purest essence)?. If so, what do you think about? Isn't it faboulous?
    I like reading your blog also because of your clean and very pleasant english (please don't mind my poor one!).
    best regards.

  4. Hellsbelle, thanks very much indeed for the compliment; I appreciate it.

    I'm rather embarrassed to admit that I don't think I have ever smelt the Ghamsar essence. If it's anything like Turkish rose oil, then it must be amazing.

  5. Wow! That's really cool that M. Dove let you smell those perfumes (whatever they may have been). As for your mystery sample giveaway, I can venture a good guess what it is, so I will just keep it zipped (and throw away the key)!

    Time now hopefully for some inspiration via more coffee, and more perfume. I am so blown away by the Anya's Garden scents I have in my possession that I have no idea how to write about them.

  6. Carrie, thanks for writing. I've now found out that those two classics may not be as discontinued as I'd suspected. All will be revealed soon...

    ... which is also true of the prize for the next give-away. I don't mind if you want to have a guess about what it is ;-)

    And as for Anya's Garden, again, confession time: I haven't tried any of her perfumes. I'll have to make amends in 2011.

  7. Ok then, my official guess for the next giveaway is Penhaligon's Sartorial. You don't have to answer whether it's right or not, like you said, all will be revealed. :)

    p.s. word verification for this post? "oudinest". Used in sentence" "MAN, I want the oudinest perfume you got!"

  8. I can't wait to learn about the new perfume from the prestigious house. How exciting for you, and us!

  9. Cheryl G, now I'm worried that maybe I've hyped it up too much!

  10. Carrie, 'oudinest' is superb!! Blogger obviously has a sense of humour.

    Sartorial is a very good guess, but I'm afraid I gave away a sample of it a couple of months ago. Keep guessing ;-)

  11. Ah, a couple of months ago is before my time. :)

  12. That's okay, Carrie. Have you tried Sartorial, though? Is it available in the US?

  13. Yes, you can get Sartorial at Lucky Scent (one of my very favorite fragrance havens, but I've not tried it yet. The last time I tried a men's scent from Penhaligon's it was English Fern, and it was a big hit. I want bath and body products in that scent pretty badly.

  14. As it happens, I haven't tried English Fern, but from the name, I guess I can get a pretty good idea of what it smells like.


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