Friday, 12 November 2010

Review: Opus III from The Library Collection by Amouage (2010)

If there's one characteristic that Amouage's first three Library Collection scents have in common, it is a gauzy sheerness. Opus I conjures an image of florals preserved in a delicate Japanese jelly. Opus II - perhaps the least successful of the trio - places its iftar-meets-fougère construction behind a pane of stained glass. But it's Opus III that opts for the most appropriate and, arguably, the most sophisticated veil: a thin sheet of fine parchment.

Although iris and heliotrope aren't on its official list of notes, Opus III's defining feature is the dry transparency one usually associates with those two materials (think: Après L'Ondée). They're lifted at the start by a light dose of peppery spices, whereas the presence of ylang ylang in the heart prevents them from becoming too gaunt. There is perhaps a little too much lychee sweetness at the beginning and the drydown may be wishy-washy, but the central achievement remains intact: spray some on your skin, close your eyes and imagine yourself looking through a piece of onionskin paper at a charming composition of pressed flowers. Future Opus releases would do well to follow the lead set by this elegant creation.

[Review based on a sample of eau de parfum obtained in 2010; fragrance tested on skin.]



  1. Thanks for this review. I hope soon to test it too. I was happy to see when you wrote Apres L'Ondee which brings me beautiful memories.

    Have a great fragrant weekend!

  2. Hi, Vintage Lady. I honestly think all three Opus scents are well worth trying; I enjoyed them much more than the two Memoirs. But as for Apres L'Ondee... oh my goodness... one of my all-time favourites... and do you know, I've never had a chance to smell the extrait!

  3. Hi Persolaise, neither did I! It was an unused bottle inside its box. I could only allow myself to open the box from time to time but I never opened the bottle, it was part of my collection. Yes, it is like a fetish. But I enjoyed it this way. So I really can't say what it smells like! I felt it was better the way it was, not opened by hands, and kept like a secret :-)!

  4. Vintage Lady, you're got more self-discipline than I have. There is no way I would've been able to restrain myself from having a sniff!

  5. I understand you! Maybe I was fool. Haha. Have a most fragrant Sunday!o


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