Thursday, 18 November 2010

Preview: Opus IV by Amouage (2010)

Popping into Amouage's London boutique is always a pleasure, but the experience is made even more special when there's an opportunity to try a brand new scent. The other day, it was Opus IV, the latest addition to the Library Collection, due to be released at the very beginning of December. I must stress that a brief 'first impressions' write-up shouldn't be seen as a replacement for a thorough review, but having tested the fragrance on paper and worn it on myself for a whole evening, I feel I'm in a position to inform you about the rough direction in which it aims its scented arrows.

Essentially, it starts off as a tart citrus - with a pretty daring dose of grapefruit - before heading off to spice country and settling down to a cumin-tinged, sweaty wood note. What this means, of course, is that it's rather different from the first three Opus releases and doesn't immediately display their pellucid quality. The first points of comparison it called to my mind were Dior's underrated Fahrenheit Absolute and Parfumerie Générale's Cedre Sandaraque. In other words, it's a serious release that will be worthy of equally serious attention when it becomes more readily available. Fingers crossed, I'll be able to provide a detailed assessment here on

My thanks, as ever, to Simon and Vanessa at the boutique for their helpfulness.



  1. I couldn't wait to read how Opus IV would be like,i can get a bit of an idea now and i think i will love this one too. Thanks so much!

  2. Glass Do It, you're more than welcome. I'm looking forward to exploring it further.

  3. I couldn't imagine it would start with a citrus scent. I am looking forward to more of your opinions regarding it!

  4. Vintage Lady, if I manage to get a sample, then I expect I'll publish a review.


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