Saturday, 27 November 2010

The Logic Behind Breath Of God

Here's a fascinating little follow-up to yesterday's Gorilla Perfumes reviews.

I was contacted by a representative of Lush who'd read my post and wanted to explain that the name Breath Of God was inspired by Simon Constantine's visit to Tibet. Apparently Mr Constantine discovered that the smoke produced by the incense in Tibetan temples contains certain pheromones which can also be found in human breath. When you couple this with the fact that Breath Of God is essentially a combination of two other perfumes - Inhale and Exhale - then the picture becomes quite clear:

If incense = breath
and church = house of god
then incense in church = breath of god

How absurdly simple, as Dr Watson would say.

You can hear the Constantines tell the story in their own words by clicking here.



  1. wonderful isn't it :) absolutely my favourite perfume. i have no trouble deciding whether to wear it or not!

  2. This sounds so mystical. I Love that.

  3. Vintage Lady, it's a wonderful story, isn't it?

  4. Liam J, I can't say it's a personal favourite, but I have enjoyed wearing it. Mind you, I think I'd find it almost impossible to choose a favourite...

  5. Yes, really it is! Nowadays perfume is most of the time seen on "comptoirs" at big malls with a nice presentation and a price. What is behind a creation is something that goes so much far beyond that!

  6. Vintage Lady, essentially I agree with you, although I think there are times when the 'story' behind a perfume's creation is used to mask its shortcomings.


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