Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Jasmine Cheesecake

Allow me to acknowledge a positive: this weekend, I got a chance to improve my jasmine accord. It's coming along well; I wish I could say the same about my impatience. I'm working very hard at the moment to convince myself that there's nothing to be gained by trying to move things too quickly. The accord will be ready when it's ready, at which point it'll be time to move on to the next piece of this particular perfume puzzle. For the moment, I just need to focus on preserving the familiar aroma of jasmine absolute whilst placing it against a famine-dry background. Fingers crossed, I'll be able to write more about this in the weeks to come.

Another of the weekend's highlights was an opportunity to make a lime cheesecake on a vanilla shortbread base. Sometimes, cooking is so much more satisfying than perfumery: you throw some ingredients together and within a couple of hours, you've got a mouthwatering treat. I wonder if my jasmine accord would benefit from a few drops of Carnation condensed milk...



  1. Stop, your killing me. Carnation condensed milk. Super yum. I am currently eating a peanut butter, lemon curd toast which could use some of that...

  2. When I cook I feel so many times I am creating a perfume somehow... although I am NOT a perfumer, but this is the impression i have, especially because i create or re-create and mix and try new flavors, so your mention of carnation in your great post made me feel very "gourmande"!

  3. Jason, peanut butter, lemon curd and condensed milk?? I admire your bravery!

  4. Vintage Lady, I ought to mention that 'Carnation' is merely the name of a brand of condensed milk that's very famous in the UK; it doesn't contain any carnation.

    But as for cooking and perfumery, yes, there are definitely several overlaps between the two worlds.

  5. Persolaise, yes I know. Not milk made with carnation extract although it would sound this way:-) I used to buy Carnation condensed milk when i was living abroad, this is why i could imagine the mixture you wrote:-)xoxo

  6. Oh dear, sorry about that, Vintage Lady; I thought that, maybe, we'd got our cultural wires crossed.


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