Monday, 8 November 2010

Give People Credit

Here's a conversation between a couple overheard in Boots the other day:

She: [sprays a scent onto a strip] What about this one?

He: [sniffs] Umm... don't know... too sweet, maybe?

She: Yeah, you're probably right. [sprays another bottle] And this one?

He: Weeell... I don't know, I think I just want something... you know, a bit fresher.

She: Okay, what about this one?

He: Oh, I quite like that. Yeah, that's good. [sniffs deeply] Yeah, that's definitely got potential. Let's have the bottle. [sprays some more on the back of his hand]

She: And you reckon half an hour will be enough?

He: Oh, yeah, definitely, that'll be plenty. Usually, if my skin's going to react badly to something, it only takes about ten minutes, so half an hour should be more than enough.

And with that they walked away to another section of the shop, but it was all I could do to stop myself from running after them, throwing myself at their feet and pleading, "Please could you write to your MEP and tell him or her that even though you sometimes have allergic reactions to perfumes, you don't actually mind trying them on your skin for yourself and making an informed, indivudal decision about whether you're going to purchase them." I didn't do that, of course. This is England, after all.

Oh, and by the way, in case you're interested, the fragrance which grabbed the gentleman's attention was the original Hugo by Hugo Boss.



  1. Hugo is my favourite aftershave ever (although no one I know well has worn it); such that I almost bought it for myself, and only didn't because of the whole smelling-like-a-bloke thing. Instead I bought Hugo Woman, and hated it. Lesson learned.

  2. I adore the original Hugo by Hugo Boss. Should look into it and see what it's all about.

    As for your incident - SPEAK UP hehe, the more people are made aware of this the better :)

  3. Well I am English but funnily enough in Boots one day I saw a Japanese lady with the most gorgeous bag. I ran after her to ask where she had bought it. She ran too in case I was a mugger I guess but I caught her and asked and she was okay. I wear slightly odd clothes ( vintage/colourful/old hippy) so my daughter cringed .So next time shout it out because we need to ,it's good for us .Have you seen the WEIRD funnels that Guerlain have that are testers . In fact a lovely way to spread swine-flu and look ridiculous. I had to ask the Origins S.A Friday as the Guerlain S.A had flu...hummmmmmm? Anyhow she didn't seem to agree with my protests so I spritzed myself with the Nahema tester .I tell you this because I fear you are telling us that the E.U have decided that we will all be sticking our heads in funnels testers on skin ..titch,cough ....screams.

  4. Sue, if you like Hugo (each to their own...) then you might like to read this:

    And as for not wanting to smell like a bloke... I'm sure you wouldn't! Next time you go into Boots, spray some on your skin. It might work really well on you. I have no time whatsoever for the classification of scents according to sex.

  5. Liam J, I do sort of regret that I didn't say anything... but then, I didn't like to make it obvious that I'd been eavesdropping!

  6. Angela, I like the image of you running after a hapless customer.

    Re: the Guerlain funnels, do you know, the idea had never struck me. But yes, of course, now that you mention it, they're not the most hygienic way of trying a scent, are they?


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