Monday, 1 November 2010

Where Did I Leave My TARDIS?

Here's at least one thing for which I was grateful this weekend: I got to spend an hour on formulating. And as I cleaned my pipettes with alcohol, I was struck by the thought that one of the reasons why creating a fragrance can often be a frustrating business is because the perfumer would like to be able to freeze time whilst simultaneously making it flow at five times the normal speed.

The former would be great so that I could just spend hours fiddling around with different accords - seeing what works and what doesn't - without worrying about the prosaic reality that's constantly baying at my door. The latter would be handy so that I could try a new creation and find out immediately what it's like, instead of waiting for its entire development to play out on my skin.

All of this is idle thinking, of course. The clock will keep ticking, one second at a time, and I'll keep trying to find a few spare moments to make my jasmine accord obey my increasingly complex demands.



  1. Hello Persolaise,

    That image of a watch is so beautiful. It looks like the complication is trapped under ice.

    May I ask more information about the watch or image.

    Your image choices are interesting and in particular the one of the stripy legs lady. Very hmmm..

    All best,


  2. For me, only if Dr. Who/David Tennant) happens to come WITH the Tardis! ;)

    Did you catch the recent "Sherlock"? Loved the first episode, iffy with the second, looking forward to the third.

    hoping your formulations are coming along splendidly in real time!

  3. Hi Jason. Thanks very much indeed for the comment. Today's image is actually from an old postcard I found somewhere. I scanned it and fiddled around with it on Photoshop for a couple of minutes.

  4. Frida, you're a Tennant fan, are you :-) To tell you the truth, I hardly watch any TV (so, no, I'm afraid I haven't seen any of the new Sherlock stuff) but Doctor Who was a huge part of my childhood, so I do have a certain fondness for the current series.

    The formulations are coming along slowly but surely. It would be great to have a couple of hours at the end of each day to play around with bottles and potions, but it's pointless wishing for the impossible.


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