Thursday, 21 October 2010

There Is No 'Fern' In 'Fougère'

My fingers stink of linalool and jasmine absolute, so I probably shouldn't be touching the keyboard, but I've decided to take a few moments out from formulating to remind you about the draw for a sample of Penhaligon's new masculine scent, Sartorial; the draw closes at 10 pm (UK time) this Sunday.

I suspect I won't have a chance to upload another post tomorrow, so I'll wish you all a good weekend now. Come back on Saturday to read a review of one of Chantecaille's new scents, Kalimantan.

Oh, and just in case you're wondering about this entry's silly title... I guess it's my way of letting off the steam generated by the reviews of Sartorial which claim that the scent contains extracts from ferns. Paul Parquet must be turning in his exquisitely scented grave.



  1. Hi,
    thanks for good opinion. Why do you know polish?? Are you from here?? Im asking because polish is hard and not popular for foreigners

    Sartorial is still unavailable in Poland... hmm...I must take sample from lucky.

    Best, M.

  2. Marcin, thanks for writing. As it happens, I'm half-Polish, which is why I've got some knowledge of the language.

    If you'd like a sample of Sartorial, don't forget that you can enter the draw here on my blog.


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