Friday, 8 October 2010

Tauer Perfume Giveaway Reminder

This is just a brief, pre-weekend reminder that you've still got a couple of days left to enter the Tauer Perfumes draw for a bottle of either Une Rose Vermeille or Eau d'Épices. The draw closes at 10 pm (UK time) on Sunday.

For the next two days, I'm going to be fulfilling 'uncle duties' by spending some time in London with two of my nieces. Doubtless, they'll insist on one or two forays into perfume shops. Perhaps I'll be able to persuade one of them that she can do better than YSL's Parisienne.

The other noteworthy event will be a meeting with Andy Tauer at the official London launch of the above two scents... all of which means that I should have plenty to share with you after Sunday.

Have a great weekend,



  1. I meant "your" weekend sounds lovely - enjoy!!!

    Looking forward to hearing all about it soon.

  2. Thanks very much Frida. Fingers crossed, I'll get a chance to write about it all.


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