Saturday, 30 October 2010

Review: The One Gentleman by Dolce & Gabbana (2010)

I confess this one had me fooled for a while. The initial impression it made was undeniably positive; in fact, the sweep of citrus, woods and irones had me making mental comparisons with nothing less than Dior Homme. Well-mannered and understated, it floated through the air like an unobtrusive, smiling waiter wandering from guest to guest at an elegant party. But watch out: this particular gentleman doesn't feel at home in his tuxedo. In fact, it isn't even really his. When he's finished serving hundreds of demanding guests, he returns his work clothes and walks back home in a baggy jumper that smells of sweat, stale cigarette smoke and unremarkable after shave. It's a shame really, because he is quite charming when he scrubs up.

[Review based on a sample of eau de toilette obtained in 2010; fragrance tested on skin.]



  1. I'm really sorry to hear it misbehaves in such a manner but you know, since Matthew is the guy wearing it, I can't think bad of it. :)
    I wouldn't mind whatever MM smelled like if he was near. ;)

    P.S. But now you have me wondering what it smells like so I'll try and smell it soon.

  2. Hi Ines. You know what, I actually used to have a lot of time for MM back in the days when the movies he made weren't entirely idiotic, and I concede that he's got a personality that's sufficiently interesting to make him a clever choice for an advertising campaign. But in all seriousness, don't you think he looks awful on the poster for this fragrance? It's like all traces of his individuality have been air-brushed away, leaving an empty, plastic shell. Mind you, perhaps that's a warning about the perfume itself!

  3. I quite liked this one on paper,but it performed less well on my skin. It lacked clarity on skin and ended up feeling a but muddled. Still, I've encountered worse releases this year. Not mentioning any names, but a famous perfume and fashion house comes to mind!

  4. Persolaise, you are right, he looks awful on the poster (and in the video, he looks thinner than usual). I cannot tell for the time being how it transfers to the perfume, but believing your words it obviously does. :)
    Anyway, I don't really care that much anymore in what kind of movies he plays if he gets to use that wonderful accent of his and runs around half naked. ;) Which is basically all the movies he plays in these days...

    This is actually a good way of getting women to buy a perfume for their guy - just put MM's name next to it. :D

  5. Michael, I totally agree, it is much better than Bleu (did I guess right?) but I wonder how successful it'll be. It isn't sufficiently interesting to entice the likes of blog-devouring fumeheads like us, but perhaps it also isn't generic enough to tempt the Bleu-loving crowd. An interesting one to watch, I suspect.

  6. Ines, each to their own :-) MM certainly doesn't do it for Madame Persolaise (she's waiting for the day when Mr Clooney sticks his face on a perfume ad) but I'm glad Matthew's charms are working on someone... and I have to say I personally find him a more appealing 'advertiser' than Jude Law in the current Dior Homme campaign.


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