Thursday, 23 September 2010

New Event At Harrods Perfume Diaries + Autumn Calls

A quick post to share a piece of info some of you may find interesting. One final event has been added to the Harrods Perfume Diaries calendar: on Thursday 30th September, a representative from Baccarat will talk about the art and history of making perfume bottles. I suspect the event will start at 6:30 pm, but if you're considering going, I'd contact Harrods just to check and make sure.

In other news... now that post-summer life at Maison Persolaise is just about back to normal, I hope I'll be able to spend this weekend sorting out my lab and getting myself ready for many evenings in the company of paper strips and vials. The priority for the next few months is to get to grips with the previously mentioned 'smoke' project, although I'm also going to continue to explore the 'top-middle-base' conundrum raised in an earlier post.

Have a wonderful weekend,



  1. I would have loved to make this extra event, as I am rapidly turning into a bottle geek, but did attend the talk last Thursday. I am surprised that you of all people encountered a no-photo policy. I was referred to a PR lady called Laura at the event I went to and she said that would be fine. It must be a case of the right hand not being sure what the left is allowed to authorise?

  2. Flittersniffer, thanks very much for stopping by. I'm flattered that you think I deserve special treatment at Harrods! I'm not too worried about the photos; the ones Grant posted on Basenotes are more than sufficient.


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