Friday, 27 August 2010

Who Needs Bleu

My month in Mumbai is well and truly over and I'm back at home, trying to restore my routines. Normal life can't fully recommence just yet, though, because from tomorrow, Maison Persolaise is playing host to a couple of guests for a while. But rest assured that come the first week of September, I'll endeavour to return to regular blogging... and I'm hopeful that one of my first posts will be about a meeting with the creator of some of the most important and well-loved scents of the 20th century!

For today, I'll leave you with this anecdote. After months of anticipation, I finally got a chance to smell Bleu De Chanel today and, like several other people before me, I was deeply, deeply disappointed: it is the absolute essence of generic predictability in a bottle. I may post a detailed review at some point, but I'm not sure I need to bother.

As I was walking around the Cascades mall in Portsmouth, sniffing my arm, not quite able to believe that the house of Chanel had released this insulting Eau De Rien, I walked into my local Lush... and, to cut a long story short, about half an hour later, I walked out with a new fragrance: The Smell Of Freedom, a complex, sophisticated essay on liberation (from which, as it happens, the Chanel team could have learned a thing or two whilst composing the allegedly escapist mood of Bleu). I confess I wasn't overly familiar with the Gorilla Perfume range until today (some of you may remember it from the defunct B Never Too Busy To Be Beautiful brand) but I was impressed with its bravery and I think it deserves a post of its own here on before too long. Oh, and I've got a new official Favourite Sales Assistant: Lush's own Ash. If you're ever in the chain's Portsmouth branch, he's your man!



  1. I've been waiting to try those Gorilla perfumes. The SA in Lush here says there coming to Canada later this fall.

  2. Hi Kjanicki and thanks for writing. Lush seem to be stepping up the publicity for the Gorilla range, which is good news for us, I suspect. And their SAs generally seem to be very well trained.

    Who knows, perhaps they'll be the next 'mainstream niche' stars?


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