Sunday, 25 July 2010

Smoky Mozart

Today the Persolaise household will be busy packing for the imminent trip to India, but last night I managed to find some time for one final, formulation session. I closed my study door, found Herr Mozart on the iPod and spent a little while trying to make progress with the aforementioned smoke project. One of the main difficulties I keep facing is that my idea of the scent I'd like to make - my own personal 'brief', if you like - keeps shifting each time I come across an interesting, new raw material. I'm told this is by no means an uncommon problem, but that doesn't make it any easier to overcome. Mind you, sometimes an obstacle can be turned into a flash of inspiration. I'd originally decided that I'd like to make a scent featuring a parched, animalic smoke note. Now I'm wondering if I wouldn't rather place the smoke concept within an entirely different context. Watch this space...


Regular readers may be interested to know that I have scheduled a couple of posts to appear during my first week away - including a retrospective review of all of Andy Tauer's work - but after that, things may go fairly quiet on, unless of course I manage to drag myself away from the enticements of the subcontinent and send something to Blogger. But before I go, how about a little game for the weekend?

Which fragrance should I buy for India? You've probably already worked out that I don't like anything washed-out and safe. I think this holiday calls for a bold, spicy sandalwood, with a heart of rich rose. Any suggestions? You can leave a comment here, or, if you prefer, join the fun on Basenotes.

Be good while I'm gone.



  1. hotlanta linda26 July 2010 at 19:10

    Goutal`s Sables. Created w/ hot climate as an inspiration, and plenty of wild immortalle. Ormande Jaynes` Orris and, always, Andy`s desert classic!! Hope your travel restrictions aren`t too tight! :-)

  2. Thanks for the tips Linda. I hope I get some time for sniffing at the Duty Free.


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