Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Review: Gucci By Gucci Sport Pour Homme by Gucci (2010)

Ah, the dangers of prejudice. When I saw that a sample of this new flanker had made its way into one of my shopping bags, I immediately condemned it to the least forgiving recesses of my mind. For a start, it's designed specifically for the summer - which always sets my alarm bells ringing - and it has a name that dares not only to be ridiculously long-winded (What next? Gucci By Gucci Edition Blanche Pour Homme Et Les Petits Garcons... by Gucci?) but also to contain the word 'sport'. Three near-unforgivable black marks. But you know what... this stuff isn't all that bad. There's no way I'd buy it for myself, as I'd rather spend my hard-earned pennies on something with more substance, but if you absolutely insist on wearing lighter scents in hotter weather then this would probably be a sensible purchase. Dior restored some respectability to this genre a few years ago with Homme Sport, which used gingery notes for tenacity. Here, grapefruit fulfils a similar function, with a well-judged hint of cardamom-like spices brought in for a scattering of intrigue. Combine this with the predictable mix of lavender, lemon and lime and you end up with a fairly graceful tennis-player of a scent, albeit not the sort who makes it to the final of a grand slam tournament. You need more... ahem... balls than this to make it past the first round.

[Review based on a sample of eau de toilette obtained in 2010; fragrance tested on skin.]



  1. Good review Persolaise, and I like your grand slam analogy. I've only smelled this one on a scent strip so far, and I wasn't inclined to take it any further, although this is probably a little unfair. I wonder what the new Chanel Men's is going to be like? Initial reviews don't appear to be encouraging.

  2. Thanks Michael.

    I'm curious about Bleu as well... and your mentioning it has given me an idea for a future blog post...

  3. I couldn't find myself in any of Gucci scents...

  4. Bellatrix, the Gucci line isn't one of my favourites either, but I am partial to Pour Homme... as opposed to Gucci By Gucci Pour Homme! They really need to sort out their names!


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