Friday, 25 June 2010

Smoke Interrupted

Squeezing in a few, manically rushed moments of formulating never seems to produce worthwhile results. Despite the inexorable encroachment of the day job, I've tried to spend a few moments here and there with my pungent friends and my pipettes, but I don't think I've created any masterpieces... although who knows what I might encounter in a month's time when I take the vials out of the fridge and give them a sniff...

One of my intentions was, as I've mentioned before, to construct a piece based on the idea of an excess of animalic smoke: a long-lasting, dry smoulder, almost too rasping, almost too harsh. This time, I decided not to hold back with the synthetic castoreum and poured a sinful dose into a concoction of other, suitably smoke-infused ingredients. The result was that they all cancelled each other out and politely made room for a glimmer of rose absolute, of which I'd added a tiny quantity, just to round things off. Needless to say, the formula will have to be revisited, when I've got more time.


And speaking of time, I'm really pleased that although this blog hasn't been around terribly long, it seems to have attracted a core group of loyal - and very generous - readers. I'm grateful to you all for popping round and leaving comments, but I've got to inform you that I need to put Persolaise on the back burner for a little while. However, I don't want to drop off your 'blog radar', so I've prepared a few, short posts which are scheduled to appear automatically over the next few weeks. Hopefully, they'll be sufficient persuasion for you to keep coming back.


  1. Hope to see you back soon, with some more interesting posts on concocting perfume. I find it very interesting.


  2. Thanks very much Michael. I'm confident I've scheduled enough posts to keep most of my readers happy... and I'd also urge you to keep an eye out for two exciting sample giveaways, coming up very soon indeed...


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