Thursday, 17 June 2010

More Opium

Some of you may recall my brief lament for the loss of YSL's majestic Opium. Well, in the name of courteous reciprocal linking, I'd like to draw your attention to this post on Perfume Shrine about the new version of the scent. Of particular interest is the video containing the unintentionally ironic statement that classic fragrances remain the same forever! Do take the time to read the visitors' comments too; the debate is turning out to be quite absorbing.

UPDATE 18th June 2010: It would appear that the Opium situation is more complicated than I suspected: check out this post from the Scented Salamander. The old Opium is dead. The new juice that's now called Opium is nothing like the old Opium. And YSL have just unveiled a newer Opium called... wait for it... Belle d'Opium, which is meant to be a modern reinterpretation of the old Opium. Are we confused yet? Or is this some devilish marketing campaign designed to make us feel like we're tripping out?


  1. so how do you know if you have the old version or the new version? I'm stressing here!

  2. Hi Frida,

    At least that part's easy: the bottles are totally different. Check out the YSL site to see what the bottle currently looks like. That's the one you want to avoid... unless of course you happen to like the new juice...

  3. oh good - pheww - I recently bought a bottle of the good old stuff! Thank you

  4. Well done. Now hang on to it for dear life ;-)


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