Thursday, 13 May 2010

The Science Of Scent At The Royal Institution

Some of you may be interested to learn that the Royal Institution in London has rescheduled the Science of Scent talk that was meant to have taken place in April; it's now happening on Thursday 22nd July at 1900. Here's how the RI's site advertises the event:

Where do the sparkling, creative ideas for new perfumes come from? How are they translated into scent without compromising the creative purity of the idea? This lecture – the third in the series – covers one of the most abstract perfumery subjects: the creative origin of new perfumes. Find out what is going on inside the perfumer’s mind, how it is nurtured to deliver those scented moments of true brilliance, and how the ideas are developed into tomorrow’s perfume classics.

The speaker, Will Andrews, is an "evaluator and fragrance scientist" at Procter & Gamble. To book tickets (standard price: £8) please click here.


  1. Oh I wish I lived in London so I could go to this!

  2. If I get a chance to go, would you like me to post some brief notes about the talk?

  3. oh that would be wonderful!!!


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