Friday, 16 April 2010

Glass, Ash & Sand

I guess my refusal to buy some civet-infused oud must have angered the gods, because the volcano in Iceland has meant that my wife and I are now stranded in Istanbul with no clear idea of when we'll be able to return home.

Here's a question for you: which perfume would you use to disperse a volcanic cloud? Would Kouros do the job? Or maybe we should just get Björk to lull the mountain to sleep?

Sending positive thoughts to all the stranded souls scattered across the world...


  1. Hi - I read on Andy Tauer's, and then your, blog of your being stranded in Istanbul, emailed Vedat Ozan, and hope you take up his invite to meet in person while in Istanbul! Tomorrow I finally get to meet Andy in person after waiting 14 months. Vedat (you'll find on my blog) is a perfumer and radio host of Koku - everything smell related. A great sense of humor! Speaks many languages! I like his scents and sensibilities. Let me know how Serendipity plays out. All best - Lura (Los Angeles, California)

  2. Oh dear - you poor thing. The thought of being stranded anywhere at all is not nice. I hope that you're enjoying your extended stay and that you manage to get a flight home soon!

  3. Thanks very much. The trip was quite amazing - in a VERY manic way - but I'm glad we're home now.

  4. Thanks to you as well, Lura; I've just emailed you.


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